First Name :   sulynn
Comment :   People in the area are very lucky to have Dave around to offer quality amp repair. His knowledge on amps is very impressive, and its
awesome to see him put it to work to get your gear to great working order. Excellent service at a fair price.

Comment :   Triode Amplification literally made me a better player. Better the tool-Better the job done. My SUPER has never sounded as good

First Name :   Robert
Comment :   My son and I checked out Daves gear and was pretty impressed, he is an excellent guitarist and knows his stuff about amps and
equipment. He takes the time to explain the details...Highly recommend.....

First Name :   Steve
Comment :   What if, what if? What if crate had thought things through and shipped v-33s with Daves preamp fix? Completed the kit in a couple of
hours, WOWZA! Cant stop playing the V33 now. Unbelieveable awesome usable tone. *Absolutely recommended*

First Name :   KEVIN K
URL :   
Comment :   GREAT work and fast. I will have all my amps worked on by Dave. Im OLD School, he gets it !!

First Name :   Vito
URL :   
Comment :   I recently installed the Crate V18 Mod Kit, and it has transformed the amp into a killer tone machine! Thanks for all the help Dave!

First Name :  Doug
URL :   
Comment :   The Crate V33 mod is better than good, its great. This amp sounds like something youd pay any easy grand for. Tone, tone,
tone...Did I mention tone!

First Name :   Matt Lupori
Comment :   Wow! Dave got recommended to me blind by somebody on Craigslist and I am so happy about that. He fixed my amp the same day I
called him and it sounds better than ever. This guy knows what he is doing. Do yourself a favor and give him a shot. Glad i did.

First Name :   PJ
URL :   
Comment :   Thanks Dave, for fixing my Marshall JCM2000 TSL100,now this thing has more balls than ever before and is dead quiet too!!!...Dave
as always excellent job bro!,thanks man!

First Name :   Skip
URL :   
Comment :   Dave, thanks for the Delta Blues!!! Great amp... It ROCKS

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